Sunday, 13 February 2011


Neighbours from iria lopez on Vimeo.
It's a while since i wrote last time, i must appologize for the little use of my blog.
This is a project made last year, while coursing first year at Directing Animation at NFTS.
The project was about designing a character inside out, writing his background story, his personality traits and all we could imagine about his past and behavior. We would get another character out of the hat, designed by someone else. With both characters we should create a situation where both of them would end up hugging each other. It could be a love hug, a hate hug, accidental hug, any kind of hug. But after that there should be an emotional change in one or both characters.
My character is Manu, a cobbler who used to work in his shop with his wife. His wife Carmen, would work at the front with the customers, she is talkative and good with people, the opposite to Manu.
One day, she dies. Manu is very lonely but also the business is going all wrong. Manu think that the only solution for such situation is to bring Carmen back to life, so he starts dressing like her and behaving like her.
The other character i got out of the hat, is a Ram sheep called Mr Valentino. Grumpy who doesn't like people in general but most precisely doesn't like women because he had a relation ship before that end up very sadly. If it would have a job it would be a boring one.
I created a situation where Manu dressing like Carmen is looking forward to chat to someone and as soon as she sees Mr Valentino coming into the building she starts getting ready to meet him. At the same time Mr Valentino is trying to avoid Carmen.
Have a look to the film, i hope you like it.

Directed and animated by myself.
Written by myself with help of Tom Hill and Gina Moriarty
Edited by Rodrigo Saquel
Music by Gautier Gallard
Scannedby my dear Roey Hunt (Lots of thank yous)
Special thanks to Richard Phelan, finishing his Masters at NFTS, who has teach me almost everything i know about hand drawn animation. Thank you!

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